Jan 16, 2023

bshko —> blockchain content

Looking to stay up on the latest trends with blockchain technology? Our digital agency is producing cutting-edge content based on high-volume blockchain keywords —> www.bshko.com/blogs

For the next month, I will be posting on my digital agency website. We have decided to focus our attention on everything blockchain. We believe over the next 5 years, blockchain will regain it’s virality and even more, become a mass adopted technology used by major banks, organizations and economies.

There is already so much information on blockchain. Our blogs are not to invent the wheel, but rather reiterate the strengths of the technology and associate our brand to the innovative tech.

Our goal is to rank and provide evergreen content for the following primary keywords:

  1. blockchain technology
  2. cryptocurrency payments
  3. smart contracts
  4. token-based
  5. tokenization
  6. digital assets
  7. distributed ledger technology
  8. security tokens
  9. market cap
  10. online marketplace
  11. buy and sell digital media
  12. token-based rewards
  13. loyalty reward program
  14. points earned
  15. digital advertising exchanges using blockchain
  16. performance metrics
  17. surveys, ratings, reviews
  18. purchase products safely
  19. encrypted transaction process
  20. accumulate points based on behavior
  21. track purchases and analyze patterns
  22. create automatic target audiences
  23. personalized discounts and offers
  24. highly targeted advertising solutions
  25. user-generated content

I will provide links to each of the keywords and probably add a list with the blog titles below.

Here are some of the ChatGPT commands I started with:

More to come! Thanks for reading!


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